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Parent & Child Study-Skills training

1 1/2 hours, £150

  • Organisation for revision and essay-writing

  • Revision techniques and timetables

  • Time management

  • Reading for examinations and study

  • Note-taking

Weekly coaching

30 minutes-1 hour, £70-100 per hour (dependent on subject)


  • All subjects for the 8+, 11+, 13+, GCSE and A level exams


  • Examination and subject-specific expert teachers

  • Please contact us

Many students find the acquisition of good study skills difficult (Executive Function difficulties). This can negatively-impact self-esteem and exam grades. Children learn study skills including: essay planning, note taking, reading techniques, how to revise effectively and examination techniques.


The McLeod Centre for Learning also offers higher order literacy lessons including:

comprehensions, summaries, grammar, dictionary and thesaurus use.

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