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Staff Handbook

The McLeod Centre for Learning prides itself on the quality of its pastoral care and on the speed with which parental concerns are dealt with. However, the official procedure is outlined below:

Informal Resolution

Most concerns and complaints are resolved quickly. For small matters, parents consult Teachers. For more serious matters, the Staff Administration is consulted.  A written record will be made, the Head informed and staff consulted.  If resolution is not reached within 14 days, parents proceed with a Formal Complaint.


Formal Resolution

Following a complaint in writing, the Head will see the parent as soon as possible to find a resolution.  This should be within 7 days of receiving the complaint. If necessary further investigation will take place.

Written records in relation to the complaint will be kept. Parents will be fully informed (by letter, telephone, or in person) of the ways in which the issue is being handled. Once the Head is satisfied that, so far as is practicable, all of the relevant facts have been established, a decision will be made and parents will be informed of this decision in writing.  The Head will give reasons for her decision.


Complaint documentation is confidential (except where the Secretary of State or a body conducting an inspection under section 162A of the 2002 Act, as amended, requests access to them).

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